What To Expect At The Wedding Ceremony

Meeting at the church for the union of two people is an old tradition, and people look forward to the grandeur of the occasion. They arrive in their best outfits, and they are prepared to enjoy the pomp and ceremony associated with the event. As the ushers seat the guests, they eagerly await their first look at the groom up front. He will stand there to await his bride with the best man, and the official performing the ceremony will wait with them. Music is often played at this time to ease the waiting for the guests, but it is just part of the tradition of this beautiful ceremony.

Walking Down the Aisle

When all the guests have arrived, it is finally time for the bride to appear. She is dressed in her finest gown, and her father is proudly eager to offer his arm for walking down the aisle to her groom. Music is all part of the traditional ceremony, and she will often have a favourite song to support her. She could choose to have that most traditional of music played on an organ, or her selection might be more personalised. Sash is a professional wedding singer specialising in giving brides and grooms an exceptional experience for their musical choices on this day.

A Pin Dropping

Once she has reached the altar, it is time for the actual ceremony to begin. Guests almost hold their breath, and a pin dropping should be noticeable as everyone waits for the couple to exchange the vows that will bond them for life. As the church official walks them through the ceremony, smiles blossom throughout the room. The light appears brighter, the air is fresher, and everyone feels the depth of commitment two people have chosen to make. Each word has its own place within their hearts as they watch two people in love make their formal commitment.

The Reception Line

After the bride and groom have walked back down the aisle as a happily married couple, they will need a few moments to prepare to greet their guests as husband and wife. The reception line is one of the wonderful parts of the day where they get a few moments to spend with everyone they have invited, and guests look forward to it. They wait patiently for their opportunity to be greeted by the couple, exchange a few personal sentiments, and then they head off to get ready to toss rice as the pair dash out of the church for the reception.

A wedding is a solemn and important ritual for many, but the beauty it brings into the lives of the participants and guests has long been filled with tradition. Couples taking vows to be together in love and honour for the rest of their lives will remember this day always, and their guests will be able to feel the weight of their love as they give witness to the joining. Entertaining the guests while they wait helps them get into the spirit of the occasion, and it is an honour for the bride as she meets her groom.