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Since I have been a calligrapher for almost 36 years, I resist closing down The Scribe and Scroll website altogether.  However, I am doing a lot of things besides calligraphy now, so some changes are in order.

Beginning today, June 21, 2015, I am no longer accepting credit cards.  If you wish to purchase a piece of my calligraphy, please send a check to the address listed under "Contact Us."  I know this will be a problem to those who are (as I am) accustomed to ordering something online and receiving it in a very few days.  However, that is what is going to have to happen.

I will keep my 800 number so you can call your order in.  We will prepare your order, and after receiving your check and its clearing my bank, we will ship.  Prices shown include shipping.

We are so grateful to our faithful customers.  Many of you have ordered from us for decades.  The day will eventually come when we can no longer keep the website open, but until then, we will continue to receive and ship your orders.

Our most popular piece, the "Teardrop" is running very low.  I probably only have about two dozen prints left, and when they are gone, they are gone.  We still have plenty of the "Family" and "Piano" and most other prints.  I will be deleting most of my prints from the website because we no longer carry all of the mat and frame supplies to make the finished product.  If there is a particular piece you want and it is not shown on our website, please contact me.  I will tell you what mat and frame selections we have available, and you can decide what to order.

Again, thank you for a wonderful career in the calligraphy field.
  It has been quite a trip!


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