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We started The Scribe and Scroll in November, 1979, and it became our family livelihood. For thirty-six years I have expressed myself through calligraphy and poetry.  Fifteen of those years were spent on the road doing art shows all across the United States.

The time has come to go a new direction.  It is bittersweet because The Scribe and Scroll has been our constant companion for all these years -- a lifetime really.

We are so grateful to our faithful customers.  Many of you have ordered from us for decades.  It was a lot more difficult to stay in touch with you before the Internet, but surprisingly, many of you have found us even though it has been years since your first order.

We appreciate your support, encouragement, and orders.  Thank you for a wonderful career in the calligraphy field.
  It has been quite a trip!

Al and Anita Robertson


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